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L'Ancresse Bay with its acres or soft sand

L’Ancresse Bay with its acres or soft sand
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Guernsey is blessed with so many delightful places to see and visit. From beauty spots, long sandy beaches, to some of the oldest ancient monuments in Europe.

Many are close to Beaucette….

Close to Beaucette Marina

Le Déhus Dolmen

Just eight minutes walk away is Le Déhus Dolmen, a complex Neolithic passage grave, 10 metres long dating back to 3,500 BC. Excavated in 1837 the dolmen has a narrow entrance and broad chamber, various side chambers and a capstone with a unique carving of a bearded archer holding a bow and arrows.

Le Dehus Dolmen, dated 3,500 BC

Le Déhus Dolmen, dated 3,500 BC
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Entrance is free – just open the small door and turn the light on. The switch is on your left.

Fort Doyle

Three minutes away and in sight of the marina, is Fort Doyle, built in 1803 to defend Guernsey’s north-eastern tip from the revolutionary French. Named after one of Guernsey’s Lieutenant Governors Fort Doyle was armed with three 18 pound cannons.

Access is free and you can see the cannon emplacements and how well positioned the fort was to protect the island.

Fort Le Marchant, L’Ancresse bay and beyond

Continue walking beyond Fort Doyle along this beautiful and rugged coastline and you’ll find the magnificent Fort Le Marchant.

Fort Doyle, 1805, had three 18 pound cannons

Fort Doyle, 1805, had three 18 pound cannons
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If you are enjoying the walk, look to your left towards the stunning L’Ancresse Bay with its long sandy beaches.

Visit Guernsey

VisitGuernsey is full of information for exploring the island.

Self-guided walks, the new ‘Tasty Walks’, Cycle rides and Island exploration are all described in detail.

Guernsey Buses

Buses are inexpensive and simple to use, with the local bus stop only 8 minutes walk away shown on the Beaucette map.

One great trip is the ‘around the island’ tour.

For more information, please refer to the Visitor Information page.