Beaucette Marina restaurant to reopen as Saltwater

The iconic restaurant and bar at Beaucette Marina will be reopening shortly, it has just been announced.

To be known as Saltwater, the popular venue will be run …

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Spring is Sprung

Surrounded by Springtime’s bright and colourful flowers, the marina is poised for its 2015 season. …

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Planned refurbishment 2014

The final touches to the new Harbour Office

2014 has seen the start of a rolling refurbishment programme for Beaucette Marina. …

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Beaucette Marina Restaurantoverlooks the yacht marina and neighbouring islandsclick to enlarge

The Restaurant at Beaucette Marina (website), one of Guernsey’s finest, has spectacular views over the yacht Marina to …

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Tranquil Beaucette Marinaclick to enlarge

Welcome to the crystal clear aquamarine water of Beaucette Marina, often described as the most peaceful, tranquil and beautiful marina in the Channel Islands.

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