Royal Maas Yacht Club Rally

Nineteen RMYC yachts moor in Beaucette Marina's Visitors' Pool

Nineteen RMYC yachts moor in the Visitors’ Pool
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Under a hot summer sun and cloudless blue sky, Beaucette Marina was host to the Royal Maas Yacht Club as 19 of its yachts sailed into the Beaucette Fairway and began entering the marina on 22 July 2014.

With fenders and warps ready, all were soon moored in Beaucette Marina’s Visitors’ Pool, many rafted four deep. With no shouting or jumping, their boatmanship was a joy to watch. As well as yachts, the RMYC fleet included a beautiful wooden Dutch Barge and a 17.4m Trawler Yacht, the Maria M.

RMYC burgees were soon hoisted and flying proudly in the light breeze. The fleet looked spectacular.


Royal Maas Yacht Club visits Beaucette Marina

Royal Maas Yacht Club visits Beaucette Marina in style
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More than 50 crew members held a BBQ that evening. Using Beaucette’s large built-in grill in the dedicated BBQ area overlooking the marina, the charcoal was lit and soon the mouth watering aromas of steaks and burgers were drifting over the marina.

A large glass of red wine in hand, one of the crew commented, “It’s perfect here. What a view, what a peaceful place. Sadly, we only have one night here.”

Where next?

One by one, the fleet left the next morning on the noon tide, heading for a night at St Peter Port before crossing to St Helier and St Malo.

Many arms waved goodbye to shouts of “We’ll be back next year.” What’s the Dutch for “Bon Voyage”?

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