Planned refurbishment 2014

The Harbour Office is completely refurbished

The Harbour Office is completely refurbished
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2014 has seen the start of a rolling refurbishment programme for Beaucette Marina.

New harbour office

Major works in this lovely marina started with a complete refurbishment of the Harbour Office. With new counters, office and electronic equipment, as well as a full sized window wall giving panoramic to the East with views across the marina, its approaches and the islands beyond.

‘Who needs a television when you can watch all this?’ asked Ricky, Marina Manager, as he gazed out over his fiefdom.

Driftwood and the old Laundry

‘Driftwood’, the old and unused floating dwelling at the bottom of the main walkway, as well as the neighbouring old Laundry, were both demolished to make way for new buildings.

Driftwood and the old Laundry are demolished

Driftwood and the old Laundry are demolished
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At the same time, adjacent pontoons were adjusted to give more room for boats manoeuvring between C and D pontoons.

Electricity supplies were upgraded and new hoses were installed.

What next?

‘Future plans include the renewal of many pontoons over the next few years,’ said Ricky. ‘Not only is Beaucette Marina the most beautiful in the Channel Islands, but we will continue to provide the best of services, making it an irresistible place to visit for those who have not yet sailed the approach and entered the marina to enjoy our facilities and Gold Award restaurant.

‘And they don’t need to bring their own hoses!’ added Ricky with a broad grin.

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2 comments to Planned refurbishment 2014

  • Norval Young

    I will visit the Marina in 2015 as I am sure the improvements will benefit boat own owners and entice them to make it their choice for their holidays or permanent berth. When I had a boat my late wife and I always enjoyed the facilities at the Marina. We had a permanent berth for a number of years.

    There is a seat in my wife’s memory there with the name “Athelregent” plaque attached to it.

    I wish you every success in 2015 and future years.

  • Great to see continued improvement remain a focus through 2014– here’s to 2015 being a year of unprecedented greatness for Beaucette Marina!

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