Marina entrance

Beaucette Marina map

Beaucette Marina map
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Beaucette Marina was created by the Royal Engineers blasting the cliff to make an entrance between the sea and the old Beaucette quarry in 1968.

The entrance

The high cliffs either side of the entrance make the access to Beaucette Marina appear far narrower than it really is.

In fact, with 3m of tide over the sill, the entrance is 15m wide – more than many marinas.

The sill is flat, the north wall is vertical and the south wall is approximately 30° off the vertical.

The cliffs are painted white on either side for easy recognition.

Call Beaucette Ch80

As you approach there may be vessels about to depart the marina. Therefore, for safety’s sake, please call ‘Beaucette Marina’ on Ch80 for clearance to enter.

If you haven’t been to Beaucette Marina before, or if you just want a hand, call ‘Beaucette Marina’ on Ch80. One of our dories will come and escort you into the marina and onto your berth.

Approaching the entrance

Beaucette's visitors pool

The visitors’ pool with the entrance on the left
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The sides of the entrance are painted white.

A depth gauge, showing depth of water over the sill in metres, is visible through the entrance ahead of you.

If able, please sound your craft’s horn 50m before the entrance.

A point to bear in mind

NE’ly winds can create a swell across the marina entrance.

If this is the case, it’s always recommended to call ‘Beaucette Marina’ on Ch80 for their recommendation and only to enter and exit when you have more than 3m of water over the sill.

Once inside

The largest yacht in the marina was 110' with twin masts

The largest yacht in the marina was 110′ with twin masts
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As soon as you are through the entrance, turn to port. The Visitors’ pool is ahead of you.

Departing Beaucette Marina

Before casting off to leave Beaucette Marina, call ‘Beaucette Marina’ on Ch80 for clearance to exit to ensure there’s no conflicting traffic.

Large boats use the marina

Today, Beaucette is home to a Trader 58, a Fleming 55, and a 60′ Oyster.

Ricky Stephens
Marina Manager
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