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Yacht Seminole Wind leaves Beaucette Marina

Yacht Seminole Wind leaves Beaucette Marina
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It’s always best to call ahead by telephone to ensure a berth is ready and available for you, by calling Ricky on his mobile +44 (0)7781 102302.


Full details of the approach and entry into Beaucette Marina are contained within Navigation.

As you approach, please call ‘Beaucette Marina’ on Ch80 for clearance to enter. This is to ensure the entrance is clear for you and no vessels are about to depart.

Marina dories are always on hand to come and escort you into Beaucette Marina and to your berth. Just call ‘Beaucette Marina’ on Ch80.


Visitor berthing fees for 2018 are £2.70/metre per day.

Cleats are standard cow horn and all pontoons and walkways are fully lit.


Yacht Lizze J enters Beaucette Marina

Yacht Lizze J enters Beaucette Marina
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Having started as a disused quarry, the marina has a maximum depth of 60m. However, given some sides have slopes, there are a few berths with 2m at low tide, but the rest have 7m plus.

The bottom is home to excavation equipment left by the Royal Engineers when blasting the entrance. The original fuel barge lies on the floor at the end of pontoon D.

Signing in

On arrival, please go to the Harbour Office to complete paperwork and pay your mooring fees.


British pound sterling is the accepted currency and payment can be made in cash or by credit card (but not Diners or American Express).

Guernsey and Jersey have their own currency which has a one to one value with the British pound.

Passports and visas

Yacht Salty leaving Beaucette Marina

Yacht Salty leaving Beaucette Marina
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If you are arriving direct from the UK or Republic of Ireland, it’s advisable to bring your passport even though it’s not necessary. The Customs declaration form you complete on arrival asks for your passport details.

Arriving from outside the UK or republic of Ireland, irrespective of your nationality, you must have a valid passport or travel document. EU and Swiss nationals may use their national identity cards.

For information on visas, please refer to the States of Guernsey website.


If you have arrived from Jersey, the UK or any other EU country, you will need to complete a Customs declaration form which is available from the Harbour Office.

A yellow Customs post box is next to the Harbour Office door.

Note that you do not need to complete a Customs form if you have come from anywhere within the Bailiwick of Guernsey which includes Alderney, Sark and Herm.


Peaceful, tranquil, beautiful, as if suspended in time

Peaceful, tranquil and beautiful,
Beaucette Marina is suspended in time
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230vAC 50Hz 16A outlets are available at all berths. Some berths also have 32A outlets.

Gas bottles

Camping Gas bottles are available. Bottle sizes 904 and 907. Just ask at the Harbour office.

Hose Pipes

There are many water taps complete with long hose pipes around the marina. There is no need to bring your own hose pipe. Water pressure is high.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available to all visitors, free of charge. Choose ‘Beaucette’.

Please bear in mind that yacht masts and low tides can hinder reception. If you have issues, come along to the Harbour Office where reception is excellent.

Telephone calls

Non Channel Island mobiles will need to have a roaming capability to work. Telephone calls are more expensive than in the UK.

There are no public telephones at the marina.

Children friendly

Children's playground

The large children’s playground
next to the Harbour Office
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Next to the Harbour Office is a half acre of grass often used as a childrens’ playground.


A BBQ area with tables and seating, complete with charcoal fired grill awaits the adventurous chef and party.

Marina access by foot

There are three access points to the marina pontoons. The western access is ‘disabled friendly’ with no steps. However, given the high tidal range in the Channel Islands, it is wise to wait until high tide to avoid steep slopes.

Beaucette Hire Cars

Beaucette has a number of cars for hire courtesy of Hertz Rent-A-Car. Simply ask at the Harbour Office, complete the paperwork and drive away. You will need your driving licence.

Guernsey Buses

Beaucette Marina and Restaurant map and directions

Beaucette Marina and Restaurant map and directions
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Buses are inexpensive and simple to use, with the local bus stop only 8 minutes walk away as shown on the Beaucette map, below.

There are frequent buses to town (St Peter Port) from the ‘Beaucette bus stop’ as well as Round The Island tours.

The buses route map, timetable and ticket prices are all detailed on the buses website.

Car Park

A large car park is located immediately to the north of the Harbour Office where visitors can keep hire cars, free of charge.

Directions to Beaucette Marina

Click on the download button below to see the full map for directions to Beaucette Marina by road and bus.

The map can be printed.

Beaucette Marina: +44 (0) 1481 245000

Beaucette Restaurant: +44 (0) 1481 247066

Ricky Stephens
Marina Manager
m +44 (0) 7781 102302