Showers and laundry

Shower block

The Shower block has copious quantities of hot water
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The Showers and Laundry block is located on the south western edge of the Marina.

Shower rooms

There are separate male and female shower and toilet facilities.

The showers have copious quantities of free hot water – perfect for soaking under and refreshing yourself after a long day’s sailing.


The laundry has large, fast, commercial washing machines and separate dryers.

Washing machines have multiple washing cycles for different types of clothes. The drying machines also have many settings to suit the materials you want to dry.

The laundry has industrial washing and drying machines

The laundry has industrial washing and drying machines
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A hot wash takes just 50 minutes, and a drying cycle is 20 minutes.


Tokens for the washing and drying machines are available from the Harbour Office.

Ricky Stephens
Marina Manager
+44 (0)7781 102302