Tranquil Beaucette Marina

Tranquil Beaucette Marina
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Welcome to the crystal clear aquamarine water of Beaucette Marina, often described as the most peaceful, tranquil and beautiful marina in the Channel Islands.

Visit us and fall in love with this hidden gem.

If you are a member of Transeurope Marinas, you can enjoy a 50% discount on visitor berthing since Beaucette Marina is the only Channel Island member of Transeurope Marinas.

Beaucette has one of the best restaurants on the island, overlooking the marina, its entrance and the outlying islands.

You won’t want to leave.

Oyster Yachts

Beaucette Marina is proud to be associated with Oyster Yachts and is home to three of these iconic blue water sailing yachts, including the first of the new 565s. We have an excellent relationship with this award-winning marque and are happy to help anyone thinking of joining the Oyster family.

Quarry to Marina

Carved from a large granite quarry into a marina in 1969 by the Royal Engineers blasting a short channel to the sea, Beaucette was changed to a haven of peace and beauty as the only private marina in the Channel Islands.


A pair of Oyster Catchers watch over Beaucette Marina

A pair of Oyster Catchers watch over Beaucette Marina
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Listen carefully, and all you’ll hear are oyster catchers and seagulls. No traffic, no audience, just boaters enjoying boating. Peaceful.


Yachts and Motor Cruisers of all sizes use Beaucette Marina. Some have permanent berths, others are just visiting.

The largest known craft to have visited Beaucette Marina is a 110′ twin-masted yacht, and a 97′ motor cruiser. 


Taking the steps down to Le Petit Port bay

Taking the steps down to Le Petit Port bay
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There’s so much to see and explore in Guernsey, whether by foot, hired bicycle or car.

Walk around the cliffs and bays, follow the bicycle routes or drive to the beaches and beauty spots.

You won’t waste a moment of your precious time being in Beaucette Marina.

Warm welcome

At Beaucette Marina, a warm welcome awaits you.

Ricky Stephens
Marina Manager
+44 (0)7781 102302