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Here we are at the end of another fabulous season. But before we scan the horizon to see what next year holds, perhaps we should have a quick look back at some of the highlights of 2017.

I mentioned last time that we’d done a lot of work around the marina to make it even more welcoming and how that led to us looking like ‘superyacht central’ at times as we greeted some amazing visitors.

Well, that trend continued and I’m delighted to say Beaucette had a great season and and was a delight for all of us here to welcome so many old friends and new faces over the summer.

Needless to say, our very special end-of-season grand BBQ on August 12 – a little earlier than usual this time – brought proceedings to a close with a bang. Not quite literally of course! But it was a massive event this year and so good that people are still talking about it when I bump into them! 

Please do put a note in your diary for next year’s mega event and I’ll do another update in the New Year with further details for you.

Looking ahead

The winter’s normally a quieter period for us, a chance to catch up on things like maintenance and preparing for the following year. This time, however, we have a busy schedule of improvements in hand to make Beaucette an even more inviting place for our visitors and residents. No rest for the wicked, eh?

Firstly, and of particular interest to boatowners, we’re looking to extend the boatyard and expand the storage area. That’s in response to many requests from owners who want to lay up here and we’ve not always had the space to accommodate them.

Now, subject to the relevant planning permissions, we hope to be able to rectify that – and there might even be the added bonus of cheaper rates.

Again, that’s something we’ve had discussions with you about and if we can accommodate more craft, then we hope and expect to be able to pass some of those economies of scale on to you. More updates as the project progresses.

Secondly, we want to improve the site here generally. The views and setting are outstanding anyway, as you know, so we’re turning our attention to the buildings.

We’ve applied for permission to improve the appearance of our award-winning and always excellent restaurant run by Val and James and want to have it clad in timber.

That’s because we’ve some big plans coming up (more shortly!) which should make this an even better venue for residents, so we want to make the buildings look more homely and more in character with a bustling marina environment.

At the same time, we’ll be improving the toilet facilities in the restaurant itself – no more draughts when the wind’s in the wrong quarter! – and doing the same for the block and showers used by our boatowners and residents. We also plan to make changes to the pontoons to create more space for residents, of which more later.

Carry on glamping

This has been our first full season welcoming campervans to our architect-designed pitches and it’s been great fun and we’ve met some great new friends along the way.

That welcome to four wheeled visitors will continue but we’ve been asked why we don’t do something for people who want to stay at our fabulous site but who don’t own a van or a boat.

So next year we will. Four superb, fully contained and beautifully appointed Shepherd’s Huts are on order and should be on site and open for bookings next summer.

I’ll update everyone as the project unfolds but we’re very excited about it as everyone has been saying that Beaucette would be a terrific place for ‘glamping’ – and now it’s about to be!

Sailing update

Our old friend and long-term resident Keith Mebbury, with his 34ft yacht Alice Gul, set off earlier to Spain and Portugal, as I mentioned last newsletter.

He’s a great guy and a terrific sailor but got caught in some massive storms en route and – with absolutely nothing he could do about it – lost all his rigging and was adrift for 17 days in the mid Atlantic.

Fortunately, Keith’s safe and well and back in Guernsey – but sadly without his beloved boat – and this is just to say that no matter how experienced or well prepared you are, sometimes there’s just no way of fighting nature and the weather.

We’re just delighted that things didn’t turn out worse, as could so easily have happened.

And finally…

Our resident cyclist Dianne did incredibly well at the XVII NatWest Island Games in Gotland, Sweden, and came back with Gold and Bronze medals, an unbelievable result and we’re all so proud of her for that stellar achievement.

She was also in Albi, near Toulouse, in France, recently taking part in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships time trials as part of the British age category cycling team.

Just being selected’s an outstanding accolade in itself but she had an incredible ride in searing heat and, despite being injured in a nasty fall while competing in Gotland, helped the team to a credible performance, while team member Britain’s Liz Powell came second in her age category. Fantastic news!


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