Beaucette annual BBQ 2014

BBQ 2014 soon sizzles underway

BBQ 2014 soon sizzles underway
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‘Hey, don’t forget the BBQ tonight!’ said Dan as he knocked on every boat in Beaucette Marina, handing out BBQ invitation notices. ‘Everyone’s invited.’

Cape Town born Chef Charles was officer in charge of the smoking grill on the large grassed area beside the Harbour Office. With burgers and belly pork sizzling, Chef announced, ‘Specials tonight include Braaibroodjies which are toasties made with cheese, tomato, onion, Mrs Balls South African chutney and spices, and also Boerewors, which are sausages made from beef, pork and South African spices.

Salads, potato dishes and large bottles of coke and lemonade weighed down trestle tables, whilst dozens of beers and lagers were cooling in bins of iced water.

80 guests and one Bouncy Castle

Soon after 7.30pm, more than 80 boaters who either keep their boats at Beaucette Marina or were from visiting craft, besieged the area. Whilst the children threw themselves at the bouncy castle intent on keeping the adults away from their domain, wary eyes were looking at the Karaoke stage.


The bouncy castle is claimed for practice take-offs

The bouncy castle is claimed for practice take-offs
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And then it started. First, the children came forward giving a good excuse for the adults to hang back. With no fear at all, Ellie and Holly took to the stage and began singing their hearts out. It was captivating.

One by one, and not to be outdone, adults began to add their names to the list of X-factor performers and began singing to the audience. The range of music was from one extreme to another. Stef sang light opera, an Elvis impersonator swung his hips, and a stunning performance of ‘Ballroom Blitz’ from Anne took everyone by surprise. With courage finally overcoming nerves, the evening’s entertainment was set to continue with an endless stream of singers and their favourite songs, interspersed with applause and shouts of ‘More!’


‘This was so unexpected,’ said a visiting boater. ‘This is our last evening, and it’s a grand way to end our holiday. Thank you Beaucette!’

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