Weather & tides

Channel Island area forecast

The Channel Island area forecast is broadcast on VHF Ch82 at 0645, 0745, 0845 (local time), and 1245, 1845 and 2245 UTC.

The five day forecast

The five day forecast is provided by Weather2.

Beaucette's entrance and depth over the sill

HW Beaucette is the same as HW St Peter Port.

Beaucette Marina has a sill which dries to 2.2m. Access is permitted +/-3hrs HW St Peter Port.

A depth gauge, showing depth of water over the sill in metres, is clearly visible through the entrance.

At 3hrs before and 3hrs after HW St Peter Port, there's a minimum of 2m over the sill.

Ht HW St Peter Port HW ±1hr ±2hrs ±2½hrs ±3hrs
6.00m 2.70m 2.58m 2.35m 2.18m 2.00m
6.20m 2.90m 2.75m 2.45m 2.23m 2.00m
6.60m 3.10m 2.92m 2.55m 2.28m 2.00m
6.80m 3.30m 3.08m 2.65m 2.33m 2.00m
7.00m 3.70m 3.42m 2.85m 2.43m 2.00m
7.20m 3.90m 3.58m 2.95m 2.48m 2.00m
7.40m 4.10m 3.75m 3.05m 2.53m 2.00m
7.60m 4.30m 3.92m 3.15m 2.58m 2.00m
7.80m 4.50m 4.08m 3.25m 2.63m 2.00m
8.00m 4.70m 4.25m 3.35m 2.68m 2.00m
8.20m 4.90m 4.42m 3.55m 2.78m 2.00m
8.40m 5.10m 4.58m 3.55m 2.78m 2.00m
8.60m 5.30m 4.75m 3.65m 2.83m 2.00m
8.80m 5.50m 4.92m 3.75m 2.88m 2.00m
9.00m 5.70m 5.08m 3.85m 2.93m 2.00m
9.20m 5.90m 5.25m 3.95m 2.98m 2.00m
9.40m 6.10m 5.42m 4.05m 3.03m 2.00m
9.60m 6.30m 5.61m 4.15m 3.08m 2.00m
9.80m 6.50m 5.75m 4.25m 3.13m 2.00m
10.00m 6.70m 5.92m 4.35m 3.18m 2.00m

Note - the above depths are approximate and can be affected by wind and barometric pressure.



St Peter Port tidal data

The latest tide tables are provided by Guernsey Harbours on its web site and are available - 


Please note - Add 1 hour to times during BST